Condair PH28

Mobile humidifier Condair PH28
for a healthy and comfortable living climate

Air humidity preserves our immune system

Every day, the average person breathes in and out around 22,000 liters of air. During this process, a sophisticated mechanism in our respiratory system removes toxic matter, dust and bacteria from the air, and the mucous membranes dispose of these. However, this protective mechanism only works if the mucous membranes are supplied with sufficient humidity. Air that is too dry is detrimental to our well-being and impedes the immune defenses of our respiratory system.

Quattro filter removes dust and pollen particles measuring up to 0.1 μm

The PH28 can also be fitted with a Quattro filter, which provides protection for allergy suffers from excessive pollen and dust levels.

Protection and value retention of parquet flooring and wooden furniture

Wood is a natural product and is particularly sensitive to dry atmospheres. Furniture, antiques, musical instruments, books or even wooden floors can develop splits and serious damage as a consequence of insufficient room humidity. Maintenance of optimum air humidity with the Comfort Humidifier from Condair is the solution.

Hygienic operation thanks to silver ionization

Active and effective elimination of bacteria is essential for the hygienic operation of a humidifier which runs on untreated potable water. Condair products use preventive silver ionization to guarantee this process. This method has also proven its value in the medical field.

Perfect control via a remote humidistat

In addition to controlling the humidifier using the membrane keyboard, the DEFENSOR PH28 can also be controlled via an external wireless humidistat. This sensor can be positioned at a large distance from the humidifier and in a location in the room that will provide a good reference value. The data required to control the device output is wirelessly transmitted to the humidifier.

Choice of tanks / mains water connection

The models in the Defensor PH series have a large and mobile water tank which is easy to move around, even when full. Alternatively, a model with a mains water connection can be chosen instead of the standard tank.