Porsche Museum

Porsche-Museum, Zuffenhausen

For the Porsche Museum, the Viennese firm Delugan Meissl Associated Architects designed a monolithic building that seems to hover above the ground. The company's philosophy is reflected in this bold and dynamic architecture, and the Porsche brand is given a distinctive form at its corporate headquarters. The building's plinth consists of two basements, which are used as underground car parks. The ground floor and an upper floor follow in a somewhat tiered manner.

The entrance, with its narrow foyer arranged with ticket desks, a cafe and a museum shop, is on the ground floor behind a glass facade. The museum workshop, separated by a glass wall, and the company archive are also located there. Above the building's plinth is the so-called "Flieger" with the exhibition area. The polygonal superstructure is supported by only three core groups, giving the impression that it is floating. It is connected to the foyer by a long escalator, among other things. The superstructure contains the exhibition hall, which is column-free, designed in white and largely without windows. Condair steam humidifiers ensure optimum atmospheric humidity.


Condair RS

Resistive steam humidifier

Condair RS

The Condair RS steam humidifiers boast patented limescale management which prevents permanent deposition of limescale on heater rods. Limestone crusts are successively detached and removed from the steam cylinder into the limescale collection vessel. Limestone management ensures extremely short waiting times and a long life.

The innovative control system fitted with a touch display ensures outstanding transparency of function and precise steam delivery. The units are the result of decades of experience and they define the state of the art in modern steam humidification.

Further information on the Condair RS

Flexible choice of water

A resistance heating system works independently of the conductivity of the humidifying water.
For this reason, Condair RS steam humidifiers are suitable for use both with demineralized water and drinking water.
When using demineralized water, maintenance is reduced to periodic function checks.

If steam humidifiers are to be operated with drinking water, then Condair RS steam humidifiers should
always be your first choice, because the patented limescale management system ensures a high degree
of reliability even when the water contains limestone. Flexible choice of water

A technical innovation that solves the limescale problem

Patented limescale management removes the separated minerals
from the steam cylinder during operation and automatically conveys them into the designated
limescale collecting vessel. Limescale deposits are thus continuously removed from the steam cylinder.

The pieces of limescale are collected in an
external limescale collecting vessel and can easily be emptied from there. Maintenance work is significantly reduced
and operational reliability is maximized. The patented limescale management system ensures
reduced maintenance times and long life of RS steam humidifiers.

Condair RS scale management
Condair RS scale management
Condair RS scale management

Touch Controller for precise control

The Condair Touch Controller allows viewing of all unit and process data.
Operating data can be called up in real time, and there is a comprehensive data history. The electronic control system
allows the steam output to be varied continuously between 0 and 100%; this means
accurate control and management of the steam delivery rate.

Precise regulation

Perfect connectivity

The RS series steam humidifier includes an interface for connection to current BMS systems
(Modbus and BACnet) as standard.

Connectivity to Modbus and BACnet

System layout
Resistive steam humidifier

System Design RS

PDF / Brochure: Condair RS resistance steam humidifier